Young and Early Career GEO in Beijing 2016

Dear Young and Early Career Colleagues,

IGU’s inaugural Young and Early Career (YEC) Taskforce meets for the first time at this year’s IGC in Beijing. Please join us for our first meeting-cum-launch session and Masterclass event on 22 August at 2:30pm (please check congress booklet for venue details upon registration in Beijing). YEC’s first ever Masterclass, will provide a unique opportunity for early career colleagues to get academic survival tips from senior colleagues including how to find  funding and proposal writing. We hope to organise more of such activities and also provide a unique platform for networking and collaboration with all existing early career groups already working as part of the various IGU commissions. If you plan to be in Beijing this August, please do join us to learn more!


We are also looking for members who are interested to become more involved in YEC. The meeting in Beijing provides a great opportunity to learn about YEC and its mission as well as meet other young and early career geographers. If you would like to participate at the IGC Beijing events or join the YEC team, please send an email to Dr. Komali Yenneti at or Dr. Kamalini Ramdas at


Thank you and warm regards,

YEC Taskforce




Dr. Kamalini Ramdas


Department of Geography

1 Arts Link, AS2 #03-19

National University of Singapore

Singapore 117570

Tel: +65-6516 6809



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