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dead prez the beauty within

Um belo video para nós que amamos nossos cabelos crespos, pena que não tem legenda.Eu amo ser natural, lógico que bem tratada, mas ficar se multilando para atender aos padrões de milão não neh né amigas!

a musica é muito linda, bom que já vamos treinando os ingleis…

Letra da Música :

this Hollywood world so pretentious
every other girl got a perm or extensions
but you don even rarely wear lipstick
still your beauty is a natural mystic
indigenous strong cheekbone from your lineage
not what the mainstream image is
natural hair as your heritage
but to see it without chemicals
is rare as the pyramids
i was coming from the gym again
bumping 2pac “never call you bitch again”
she crossed the street, melanin glistening
felt the energy something
about to show interest in
a prototype eve from genesis
ghetto empress Nefertiti resemblance
so sweet so street and genuine
real black girl i salute your existance
i can see us just kickin it
building an intimate friendship
more than just hittin it
down to earth like greens n cornbread
she don’t need no weaves or contacts
not judging other girls that got that
i’m just sayin your the truth never doubt that
cuz you got that

Beauty’s the same, now just song is surface
The skin that you’re in, you’re already perfect
They got nothin’ on you baby, nothin on you baby
Beautiful girls comin’ all types of flavor
When you love is (?), girls don’t be haters
They got nothin’ on you baby
Just get doin’ you baby

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